Whether the user takes CBD oil topically or ingests it by infusing it with water. There are factors that consumers should be careful when using CBD. Just like taking any medicated drugs, drinking alcohol while using CBD may influence a person’s well being. To understand better let’s discuss how alcohol affects users when combined with CBD oil.

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When looking at media and movies, actors and actresses often consume cannabis and alcohol while portraying the effects it may have on someone. However, the cannabinoid compound CBD combine with alcohol has less information to the public. It may also be confusing to have the same effects to cannabis which is wrong.

Depending on the Alcohol level it has different ways to metabolize in a person, this requires the enzymes to intervene and the primary enzymes are Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), and CyP450 (specifically CyP2E1).

When a person is drinking socially or moderately, the ADH and ALDH control the workload of metabolizing ethanol. When a person binge drink or consume alcohol for the long term then the CyP450 takes over to help the excessive work of ADH and ALDH pathways.

Points to Consider When Combining Alcohol and CBD Use

The process of how Alcohol and CBD oil can still confuse many. It may even need a thorough explanation and step by step process of its effects. Here are a few tips about alcohol and CBD oil tinctures.

•    The CB1 receptor is an essential player in the reinforcing and stimulating attributes of alcohol.

•    When alcohol and CBD combines, it lowers the alcohol levels in the blood.

•    The CBD lowers the increase, stimulation, and relapse of Alcohol.

•    The CBD help protects the liver from further damage when a person binge-drink alcohol.

•    The CBD help prevents the possible alcohol-induced neurodegeneration.

•    CBD reduces the possibility of alcohol0induced liver steatosis, metabolic dysregulation, inflammation, and neutrophil-mediated injury.

•    Cannabinoids can affect most enzymes in metabolizing alcohol.

•    CB1 receptor agonists (THC) encourage a person to consume more alcohol, while CB1 receptor antagonists (CBD) decrease the temptation to consume alcohol.

Still, the information of pharmacokinetics of alcohol and CBD is not enough, to understand its perks. The clear finding so far is how CBD inhibits the CyP450 enzyme system, which plays a major role in alcohol metabolism.  To play it safe, it’s best not to consume alcohol and CBD-infused products at the same time. Always consult your doctor for any complications that may arise from the consumption of either substance.

The Experiment of CBD and Alcohol Consumption

The study of CBD and alcohol consumption may require further studies. However, some research has done it on mice which they found out that the CBD can change the levels of ADH and ALDH to a varying degree. Keep in mind that the studies are still limited and consuming both products might have the same effects as other drugs combined with alcohol.

In the first place, it is not advisable to drink any medicine while consuming alcohol. It is obvious that undesirable effects may occur when combined in any drugs. It can also damage certain organs in the body when not careful.

To avoid major risk in the body, check the instructions and product label of any item with CBD. Keep in mind that some products may have a different amount of dosage of CBD and may require further advice on how much a person can take in a day. Aside from alcohol, other products combined with CBD oil might have some effect. Although the side effect of CBD is not life-threatening, each person has its own way of metabolizing the CBD oil.