Check cannabis products and you’ll see ratios between THC and CBD that may seem like a complicated math problem. Before you lose yourself in the numbers, know that those figures are more than just ordinary digits. Different marijuana-based items encompass the market. You can now see a range of vape oils, salves, edibles, tinctures, and, buds.

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Different marijuana strains call for varying THC and CBD ratios. Numbers can be anywhere from 18:1 and 1:1. To put things in a general perspective, THC delivers the stony effects whereas CBD won’t. Instead, CBD holds properties ideal for medicinal use.

THC and CBD: A Brief Overview

Modern cannabis dispensaries aren’t behind the fame for chucking THC or CBD in marijuana strains. Cannabis growers and companies are the entities behind the ratios of these two cannabis components. For generations, many cannabis cultivators focus on breeding weed with a focus on increasing the amounts of THC for recreational use.

For several strains, the higher a marijuana plant contains THC, the lower the CBD. Medical marijuana growers aim for the opposite as they want more CBD in their marijuana products instead of THC. Companies are constantly on the lookout for customer reviews to fine-tune their preferred ratio when developing new strains.

Markets for CBD-Rich Products

Cannabis products with more CBD than THC are ideal for individuals suffering from certain ailments. For example, certain marijuana strains are helpful in bringing relief for anxiety, chronic aches, and headaches. Specific CBD-rich strains are also great in reducing the symptoms of stress, inflammation, and seizures.

Before purchasing any CBD products, it’s best to seek the consultation of a physician. Having a strong prescription will also make it easier for you to acquire the product as opposed to directly buying the item over-the-counter. Also, several dispensaries won’t allow the purchase of medical cannabis products without a strong recommendation from a doctor.

If you can purchase a CBD product without the help of a prescription, then you should research about the item first before you complete any transaction. Keep in mind that you’re going to be the guinea pig if you go through with this path. Many CBD-rich items aren’t cheap. Still, products may last a long time depending on the dosage and original amount in the container.

The Right Amount of CBD

If you’re looking for a CBD product, but don’t know the right ratio of CBD and THC applicable for your needs, it’s important to know the common ratios first. Here are the common CBD and THC ratios available on the market for your reference:

  • 1:1

Strains with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC have balanced properties. These products are ideal for people who can tolerate high levels of THC.

  • 2:1

These strains have more CBD than THC. It may have psychoactive effects at moderate doses.

  • 4:1

Cannabis products with a 4:1 ratio have high CBD and medium THC levels. This range is considered ideal for people who have a mild tolerance for THC. It’s also the mid-range of all the CBD and THC ratios.

  • 8:1

Novice cannabis users might seek products with this ratio thanks to its high CBD content and low THC. Strains with an 8:1 ratio are rarely psychoactive.

  • 18:1

Veteran cannabis users can take advantage of products with an 18:1 ratio. Novice cannabis users may want to seek a lower ratio for the body to accommodate these components.

A rule of thumb: the higher the CBD count on any particular marijuana strain, the fewer the psychoactive effects you’ll achieve from the low THC content. It may take a few trials and errors when experimenting with different THC and CBD ratios.