When it comes to hemp oils, customers are spoilt for choice. Despite the allure of getting hemp oil tinctures with different flavors, I prefer the natural hemp flavor. One of my favorite tincture oils with natural hemp flavor is SunJoined’s Cannafresh full-spectrum hemp oil.

Besides high-quality hemp, this SunJoined hemp oil also contains MCT coconut oil. SunJoined hemp oils are GMO-free and Vegan-Friendly. Another fact about SunJoined hemp oils is their low-THC content. These oils contain less than 0.3 percent of THC, as stated by the Federal government in the 2018 Farm Bill.

The manufacturer of Cannafresh, SunJoined is well known for its high-quality hemp oils. SunJoined uses cryogenic extraction to process its hemp material.

Cannafresh oil contains high-grade hemp oil that is rich in cannabinoids. The hemp material used to make Cannafresh are grown in the United States by small scale farmers who pay attention to detail.

You will get 16.67mg of active cannabinoids per 1ml serving of the version of this SunJoined tincture oil with a concentration level of 500mg. You get 33.33mg of cannabinoids per 1ml serving of the 1000mg version, and 50mg of active CBD per 1ml serving of the 1500mg version.

Apart from Cannafresh, SunJoined hemp oils come with other flavors like Watermelon and Lemonade.

Unlike many other brands, SunJoined began as a network for hemp farmers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and other professionals in the hemp industry across the United States. The farmers in the SunJoined network share vital information on best practices with one another. These farmers can also count on getting support from SunJoined’s chief grower Joel Williams. Processors can buy directly from these farmers.

SunJoined’s products are sold only through selected distributors. Visit the company’s website or its Facebook group page to learn more about its products and where to purchase them.

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